Monday, October 29, 2007

Survival mode

There is a cartoon out there that shows the pattern of behavior that teachers go through, especially in their first year. At this point I'm in survival mode. Perhaps that is why the powers that be have three days in October when we don't have school to give all the teachers a chance to get their lives back together. I don't know what happened this year, but UEA weekend was held by different districts at different times, which seems strange because it is supposed to be a meeting for all the teachers in Utah to go to if they feel so inclined (I don't - don't think I ever will). After surviving my first quarter teaching my students that NTSSWTSW (that's No Two Sentences Start With The Same Word), sentences should never start with well, but, so or and and that the only time a paper can use the word you is in dialogue or when giving instructions, I'm spending my break once again tackling the monster of potty training, getting caught up on laundry and DEEP cleaning and writing the Christmas program for our ward.

Enoch and I broke down and splurged on our family and ordered Direct TV - we had been debating it for several months now, and seeing as Cable is not even in this "city" we call Enoch, satellite is the only hope for anything that doesn't completely fade out or suddenly switch channels. So far we are really enjoying the DVR feature - especially when we both want to watch a different show at the same time (pretty much only for a 1/2 hour on Thursdays and the occasional monday when the football game is of enough interest so we then record Heroes).

Speaking of football and Monday night, tonight is the great match between the Green Bay Packers (Enoch's favorite) and the Denver Broncos (my favorite). I'm thinking we need to make a wager of some sort - loser has to give a GOOD backrub to the winner each night for a week or something like that. Usually these events are accompanied by bets like serving breakfast in bed, but I'm up a good hour or two before Enoch nearly every day of the week and he really isn't a huge breakfast person, so I guess that really won't work. I guess that is what I can be thinking about when I'm scrubbing around toilets or have writers block for the Christmas program. :)