Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Women Gain Weight

I needed this today - maybe you will too :)

With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So, we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultures, educated and happy.

Today, when I look at my butt in the mirror, I will think,

"Good grief! Look how smart I am!"

Must be where the term "smart ass" came from.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Perfect Depiction of My Life

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I can totally relate to the mom.

If you, like me, are getting old and your eyes aren't working well, click on the picture.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You may have noticed from my lack of posting to this blog that I've been busy. Kindof an understatement. I have one party down (pictures coming soon) and two more in the work for the next two weeks. Why? Because my kids birthdays are all in March. Within 16 days. Add that with the fact that I'm in charge of two sharing times this month, have to have a rough draft of the last three chapters of my thesis done by tomorrow, the pinewood derby is in under a week (I'm on the committee as the 2nd Counselor in the Primary Presidency), third quarter ends tomorrow, and I'm taking students to a Creative Writing Conference at SUU next week.

Blogging just hasn't climbed the most important things list (neither has laundry) but I have been taking time for some great silliness.

My cousin, Charlotte, started something last year that may have blown up in her face. It is called Midwinter Musical Madness. She has an AMAZING knowledge of musicals and awards points that actually count for something.

My musical knowledge is basically limited to Phantom, Les Mis, Jekyll and Hyde, Scarlett Pimpernel, and any that have been made into really well known movies like Annie, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and the like. I do know more songs, but don't know the musical they are from or I will know the names of musicals but not any of the songs. So, as you may have guessed, I'm not typically the winner in this competition (Melissa kicks my trash up and down the pitch, field, court - yup, all of them).

But what is fun is that there are whim points. If you are funny, thoughtful, ridiculous or just desperate, you can get points. That I can do.

I'm telling you about this in case, like me, you are procrastinating what you should be doing by reading blogs and telling you, if you want a good laugh, maybe to jump in (the lightning round is still coming up) or just to have fun wasting time, go here. You won't be disappointed, but you have to read the comments to really enjoy the full experience.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I had this book recommended to me by a co-worker about six months ago but just finally got to it at in my reading list. I find myself drawn to books in an Asian setting and with those culturally strong characters, but sometimes they are a little heavy reading, and that was part of my hesitation. That hesitation was not necessary.

This is the story about a man who is in an arranged marriage, as part of the culture, but it has been a loveless marriage without any compatability or strengthening the relationship at all. He works as a doctor in a hospital in the city and is only home for about ten days a year, but for years on end he has been trying to convince his wife to give him a divorce because he has found a woman who he loves in the city. Each year his wife says she will grant it, but then changes her mind when they get in front of the court, and the woman who he loves in the city keeps waiting.

It is intriguing how well the title fits this book. I know that people say there are titles that really are suitable for the book, but this title takes on several different meanings throughout the book. This book is a fascinating look at the Chinese culture in the 1960's and into the 1970's, with the social and assumed behavioral regulations concerning appropriate relationships, actions, and court system. There are really three main characters, and each one, at different points, tugged on my heart strings. The plot isn't really complex, and there aren't really twists - it is the characters who drive the story along. This was actually quite an easy read, but it is an adult book as there are some scenes and elements of discussion that just wouldn't be appropriate for teens. If you have an interest in the Chinese culture or enjoy a well-written novel, give this one a shot.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Maze Runner

I recently heard of James Dashner (same guy who wrote the 13th reality series which I haven't read yet...I know, I'm a little behind on some of these people) and heard other people say that this book was highly recommended to people who liked The Hunger Games and Catching Fire which I did so I gave it a shot. And then I did everything I could to find time to keep reding it because it was that good.

This is the story about a boy, whose name is Thomas, who wakes up in a sealed box made of stone, unsure of where he is, why he is there or even how he got there. Then, after screaming and pounding, the box is opened and he is greated by the faces of many boys. He finds out he is in a place called the Glade, that there is a maze that is larger than life, changes often, and has no way out. Each night the walls around the Glade close to keep out the Grievers, creatures known for either seriously hurting or killing any boy left outside the walls. And within a day of being in the Glade, Thomas knows he wants to be a Maze Runner, the most dangerous job in the Glade.

I really could not stop reading this book. It is incredibly suspenseful, the pace is perfect and the writing is very well done. As I previously mentioned, this is my first Dashner book, but if his others are written this well, I'm a fan. I'm hoping to read his 13th reality series this summer, and already ordered the sequel to this book, along with a copy of this for my own. If your reading has been a little slow lately, pick this one up. You will not be disappointed.

BTW Book Review 70 - looks like I'm going to be on track to break 100 this year!!!