Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catching Fire

This is the second in the Hunger Games and it was as enjoyable as the first. It arrived at my house and I had to leave it in the Amazon box for two days before I could even open it because I had the expectation that it would be like the first in that I wouldn't want to do anything else until I finished it.

I was right.

This story is the depiction of what happens to Katniss and Peeta after the Hunger Games. There has been news of revolt throughout the districts and somehow, the powers that be think that Katniss has something do with it. She is battling her new responsibilities and role in society which changed the dynamic of her home district and the previous relationships that she had. Then she experiences a series of events that she never would have thought possible in many lifetimes that will once again place her in a situation that could end her life.

I inhaled this book. This is also one of the most difficult books to write a review on because I really do want to avoid all spoilers, and there are about the first 30 pages of this book that wouldn't have spoilers. This book ends with a powerful cliff hanger. Yes, the first one did too a little, but this is one that, when finished, makes you hunger for the third. It's not set to be released until 2010 (tentatively). I love the idea, the structure, the story, the strategy and the characters. But be warned - it is going to be at least a year until the next one. Ah, the suspense.

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Harmony said...

Yep, I was right. I can't afford to pick this one up right now either. I did read one of her earlier books--the first Gregor the Overlander book. It wasn't as engrossing, but good for a younger audience. I think my boys will like it.