Monday, October 5, 2009

Making it a Habit

Some of you may have noticed the changes in this blog, especially the addition of the food links on the left hand side of the blog. I have been searching them out and finding ones that are for "real people" like me instead of those people who have nothing better to do than shop for things like eight different kinds of cheese and recognize them by texture and flavor or make their own ravioli from scratch, etc.

Here's the thing. I have this weakness for just grabbing something to eat when I'm stressed or tired or just don't want to cook. I think part of this has been because I've been rotating the same entrees for years and I need something new, but again, easy. It doesn't even necessarily need to be quick if I can crockpot the main time consuming thing.

The time has come, however, for this decision to be made.

This family will not eat out for 30 days.

I'm sure there are many of you who are thinking, really? Is that really that hard?


I guess part of the inspiration for this is from seeing Julie and Julia. Don't even think that I'm going to work through Julia Child's cookbook. Hello, I DO NOT have that kind of time, skill or ambition at this point.

But the catch with this goal is I really, really, really want to try to do it without making the same thing twice. Of course, I have the advantage that I don't cook our main meal on Sundays- we rotate between our parents (I know, tough life, right?) And I'm hoping, now that it looks my Saturdays are looking less full, that I can try that whole make things ahead and put them in the freezer thing.

I guess this techinically started on Saturday when I had some a few apples that someone gave me for free. I dried most of them, but still had some left over that weren't really good to do much with and weren't going to last long enough to be eaten. Then I remembered seeing a recipe for Gooey Apple Bread. It's one of those cake breads, but sometimes that's okay with me. I did the regular loaves, double the recipe and halved the oil by adding applesauce. I think it is delicious.
(BTW, don't plan on me necessarily posting pictures of everything...I'll try to remember but no guarantees...)
I will link or type up the recipes and am more than open to any suggestions.
Here's to personal development, edification and all that. May I not lose my sanity in my efforts to develop this habit.
Wish me luck!!!


Erin H. said...

You said NOTHING about this while we waited in the drive-through. I'm pouting. 8(

Tasha said...

Just made the decision...not sure that it will carry over to lunch...yet.

Harmony said...

I'll cheer you on. (Go Tasha, go!) I can probably even get you a bunch of freezer meals recipes from a group in my ward who do them--provided you pass on recipes for any non-frozen, delicious AND easy main dishes back to me. Will Enoch survive without Chili's?

I'll vouch for the apple bread too--it was yummy!

Laurel said...

Way to go! You can do it!

Mellissa said...

Not repeating the recipes would be the daunting part for me! You can do it. That apple bread looks delicious! :)

Nisa said...

Mm... That looks great! What a cool goal too. We should probably do it at our house too.