Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I did it again

I have myself maxed-out. I have many, many things going on, each on their own not something very difficult, but combined, pure ridiculous craziness.

Especially on Tuesdays.

School started - teacher again.
New calling - 2nd Counselor in Primary Presidency
Three kids in soccer
Dad coaching all three
Mom coaching when games overlap
Ellie in dance
Sophomore class advisor
Homecoming in two weeks - in charge of two halls
Sadie's six weeks after homecoming - Freshmen and Sophomores in charge
Ping pong club advisor - not a huge deal but a little paperwork
Two graduate classes
Implementation of a new curriculum that everyone is observing as the possible new model for English classes at CHS.

Yup - no stress.

Most of the time, it's okay, because with a carefully planned schedule, I can make everything work. But then there are those hormonal times when everything is a disaster, tragedy, inescapable devastation. Unfortunately, the burden of these times is Enoch, who is a saint and absolutely wonderful. I think he knows when it isn't personal - just estrogen, because he just walks away and doesn't say anything.

Those of you who know him know this isn't common for him.

So I just have to breathe, have a piece of chocolate (Have you tried the new coconut M&M's??? Or the dark chocolate mini Reese's cups?), a cold Diet Coke and remember that the stress is more in my head than in reality.

How's that for my bit of craziness for the day??


Charlotte said...

Oh man, do you EVER need those brownies!

If you lived up here, I'd make a batch tonight and take you a few. (But I'd keep the lion's share for myself. That's how good they are, and that's how I am.)

Tasha said...

LOL! There is a reason why when I take brownies to someone, they are on a plate and not in the pan. Yup, I share just enough to be nice...but not enough to give them more than I can eat :)

Jake said...

I can't stand those dark chocolate Reese's. I don't like the white chocolate ones either.

Mellissa said...

You are one busy lady. Good luck with everything. And I haven't tried the new coconut M&M's but I think I now will.

NessaB said...

I'm exactly like that! I take on way too much and feel like Superwoman and then estrogen kicks in . . . I swear, sometimes I can eat a piece of chocolate when I am stressed to the max and then I feel like I can breath again. All the stress gone with just one bite (and many more after!).

Good luck with it all!