Monday, September 21, 2009

My Juggling Act...and how YOU can help

Still busy, still working like crazy, but trying to be more on top of things. So I need your help.

I have just added two new blog lists - food and all things LDS. I'm over cub scouts as the member of the Primary Presidency, so that's not too bad, but I also need sharing time ideas quite often, ideas on how to make FHE more effective and be a better mom and visiting teacher. I like to do fun things but they need to be cheap and quick. If you have some favorite sites/blogs, etc. I would LOVE to have you tell me about them in the comments section.

Second, our favorite thing - FOOD!!! Because of the economy, rises in my health insurance, furloughed days, and everything costing lots, I'm also looking for recipe blogs from REAL people who don't have to go shopping for ridiculous ingredients that they use in a fancy restaurants and take forever to cook. I'm looking to utilize my crockpots (yup, I have three) more and spend the least amount possible. I have a food blog list going, but if you have a site that you just LOVE - please, make a lovely comment.

Those book reviews are coming - stay tuned for the reviews of The Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters, The Boy Who Dared, Shiver and Catching Fire... :)


Charlotte said...

This isn't a food blog per se, but every Friday, Heidi posts a recipe or a save-money-or-time-in-the-kitchen-tip here. The recipies are usually quick, easy, economical and delicious. I lived with Heidi for many many years while we waited to meet our husbands, and I can attest to her great cooking.

Charlotte said...


I forgot--in July Heidi separated one blog into two blogs. So, if you go to (and click on the "food friday" label), you'll find a whole bunch more recipes.

Jenny said... is one of my favorites for primary, maybe you'll find something there. Good Luck! And, I love just for the fact that you can type in ingredients that you have or need to use up, and it will supply you with a list of recipies that use those ingredients. Very helpful!

Mellissa said...

I also like It's helped a lot when I've subbed as the Primary chorister. Good luck! As far as recipes go, I have some if you want to swap a few. Not many crock pot recipes, but enough easy stuff to keep my sanity. :)

Janet S. said...

I guess great minds think alike. Check out the email I sent tonight, forwarded from my way distant cousin in Ohio, Ronna. It is every possible think you'd want to cook in a crock pot!! I did discover that some of the links don't work, but still found some cool recipes and thought of you when I decided to forward it to my daughters. Mom S.

Paula said...

Check out She always has great FHE ideas and a lot of other good things. Check out my blog list for some other good blogs. There's one for crockpot cooking. Also, check out for great primary and cub scout ideas. It's a great LDS site.

Chelsea said...

My favorite food blog is The recipes are simple and delicious and the women who write it are hilarious! There isn't anything that I have tried from this blog that I haven't loved. On another subject, my fourteen year old niece just moved in with us and informed us that the only book she has ever read is Junie B Jones - toothless wonder, so we are compiling a list of books for her to choose from to start reading. I am gleaning your blog for suggestions, but do you have any ideas for a never-fail turn a kid on to reading kind of book? Let me know if you get a moment (I realize now from reading a little more about you that you may be the worlds busiest woman!) Thanks!