Friday, October 2, 2009

Cousin's Cuteness Creation on my Cute Catie

Some of you may be aware of this cousin I have. She is witty, hilarious and enormously talented. Her blog makes me laugh and think about live and I had serious withdrawals when she took her month vacation from blogging.

She started an Etsy shop creating things that I didn't think possible. And I have these girls who love hats like I do. So when I saw that she makes things like this, I had to buy some.

Here's the cuteness on my favorite four year old cuteness.

I took this picture and Catie then told me I had to take another one of her being cute. Wow, is she ever photogenic!!!
By the way, this cousin of mine quite often signs her name cc - and my C only has one c, but I thought I would throw in an omage to the c's anyway.

The creative craving currently coarsing in my crazy cranium is clinging and clamoring for compliments and collective cognition. :)


Charlotte said...

How CUTE!!

How I wish your little Catie lived in Cache Valley. I'd sweet talk her into a photo shoot or two.

Love, love, LOVE all the C's!

Harmony said...

Very adorable! Maybe I should practice my camera work on Catie and pass the photos on to Charlotte...

Allyson Condie said...

She's so cute! What a darling hat and a darling girl.

Nisa said...

She definitely has cute down and you have alliteration down. ;) Fun post!