Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Author Awe

I have had a week of enjoying the permeating feeling of author awe.  I got to spend Thursday and Friday listening to Shannon Hale on three separate occasions, having my manuscript read and getting amazing insights for that, listening to Brad Wilcox, eating lunch with the very nice Julie Olsen, being amazed at the illustration and work of Robert Neubecker and several others.  Then, yesterday, Brandon Sanderson came to talk to my Creative Writing class and I went and saw him at the Cedar City Library last night and got both the Alcatraz books signed.  

I want to write my book SOO much, but I need to get my thesis written, touch up the paint in my house and finish prepping for the rest of the year.  

But I am going to write.  Soon.  I have a guaranteed read by an editor at Hyperion, good for the next six months.  

I will write soon.


Erin said...

I should have had you get a copy of the Alcatraz book signed for me. Again, thanks so much for reminding me that Sanderson was coming. I love listening to authors talk. The one's I have heard are always so humble yet SMART...they have interesting stories to tell, and so many- like Sanderson - are on the edge of being part of the Hollywood circle yet go unknown which makes them even more fascinating. Actors get all the credit but would be nothing without the writers who are truly creative geniuses who saw the whole story in their head which someone then had to copy for everyone else to see it. I'm glad you have had such a fun half week!

Janet S. said...

You didn't mention that Brad Wilcox was at the Forum. I loved his session when I went to it at UVSC many years ago. Do people still bring M&Ms to throw at him???

Janyece said...

That is wonderful! Good luck! I've never heard of an Alcatraz series or Sanderson. I guess I really need to get out more. hehe