Friday, September 17, 2010

So what if you could be reincarnated?

There have been many times I have been asked the question, "If you could be reincarnated as any animal in the world, what would it be?"  Not sure if that is a former random prep for pageants question or one of those questions lots of people get asked that is somehow telling about who they are as a person or whatever.  I used to think about all different kinds of animals - let's face it, the life of a cat is pretty easy - eat, sleep, stretch, repeat.  Dogs are man's best friend and everything.  But I always come back to the same animal. 
I love these birds.  I love the "don't mess with me" look that they have without looking too intimidating.  I love their coloring, from the snow owl to the great horned owl.  Of all the birds out there, these are my favorites and I only wish I lived in a place were they could be seen much more often.   
But I also love them as characters - like this guy.

I loved him in the commercials and thought it was absolutely stupid of a kid to bother such a wise creature with the stupid question of Tootsie Pops.  Everyone knows that if you get to ask a talking owl to share their wisdom, it should be matters of greater importance.  Tootsie pops - psh.

One of the other reasons I love fall, besides football, red leaves, crisp air is that it is the cool time of year to do things with owl - decorations, treats, etc.  I just found this guy here


Seriously, how much fun would this be to make?!? 

I am presently on a mission to see all the great owls out there - projects, printables, treats, etc.  I'll share here, but if you find some fantastic ones you want to share, please feel free to email me (tasha DOT seegmiller AT ironmail DOT org) or blog about it or whatever.  


Erin said...

I can honestly say I have never heard anyone say they would want to come back as an owl. Interesting. Very very interesting.

Nisa said...

I should take a picture of Ethan's room for him. Owl blankets, carvings, stuffed animals, statues... it's a family tradition to pick out something special for each new child - mostly animals, though mine was a musical baby doll - and Ethan's is the owl. Xander's is the Fox. ;)