Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Oxymoron of Political Values

Yea, I'm writing in response to the statement made by the so called Rev. Al Sharpton. He gets in the face of a radio personality who has it written in his contract that he is supposed to be over the top and borderline obscene, then says that he is going against the horrifically crude and degrading people of rap by picketing the producers of the, as Glenn Beck says, poison of our society. He didn't go after CBS or MSNBC for what Imus said, why doesn't he go after the people who are making the horrible noise and degradation of women. But the comment that he, a Christian leader who is a promoter of peace and equality, can time after time degrade the Mormon faith. True, there are things about religions that I am not a member of that I just don't get - the whole smelling thing that the people wave around during mass, why the men of the Jewish faith wear those little hats on their heads all the time, the symbolism of the star and the moon in the Muslim faith. But I'm not out there, or even on here talking about how they really don't believe what they say they believe. The double standard that is in politics has always been apparent to the rest of us normal people, but now it is pouring over into the "religious" field.

I guess what I'm having a hard time with is poeple who are questioning Mitt Romney's values based on the fact that he is Mormon. I don't hear people questioning Rudy Guiliani's values even thought he had an open affair and is currently on his third marriage. I don't hear people questioning Hillary Clinton - it seems to me that if someone is going to be a representative of the strength of women and the necessity of Americans to have enough self respect that we take care of ourselves can say anything when she clearly doesn't have the confidence or self respect of herself enough to leave a man who has cheated on her so many times that I doubt anyone can keep track. I don't know a mom out there who would teach her daughter to keep staying with a man who will continually and regularly betray her, disrespect what is supposed to be most important to her relationship with him, and she stays and smiles. What am I supposed to think about John Edwards, who is talking about how he is the president who is going to end poverty, when he is forking out $400 for a haircut? He's paying more to get his hair cut than most people on poverty can even dream about spending just to feed their families.

I guess the questions that really need to be addressed are how can people vote for someone who goes against everything that they say they are doing? And why is it that when there is someone with values that are indisputable, people can't get over it, in the original land of free religion, because he is a member of a church that isn't familiar to everyone? Why were these questions brought up when Joe Lieberman was running for president, wondering if he would work on Saturdays, but no one says anything when Christian presidents, the only ones this country has ever had, work on Sundays, the Christian Sabbath? Political Values, indeed.

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