Thursday, August 19, 2010


School started.  I have a ceiling.  And a roof.  If you saw the school two weeks ago, you would realize why these two things make me happy.  I even have cool air - kindof.  I'm teaching three different courses this year - two classes of each - and have 24-30 students in each.  It's going to be an adventurous year with some learning curves for me. 

My kids put on their new clothes this morning all ready for school.  Will upload pictures later, but Ellie in purple skinny jeans and Catie in jeans bedazzled with white and pink were adorable.  And you will have to wait for Will's shirt - I laughed when I bought it for him and continue to laugh every time I see it. 

Glad it's starting.  Going to miss snuggle mornings in my bed with Catie.

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Erin said...

Two weeks ago? How 'bout yesterday? We all survived though. Some of us more than others ;)