Friday, September 21, 2007

My Perfect Life

I have been trying to post on my blog for about two weeks now, and everytime that I sit down to do it, life happens.

I really feel l like I'm not as busy as I was before I started teaching, because I have my afternoons and evenings free, and with the schedules that we have had it has been a fabulous blessing. Will and Ellie have been playing soccer, and the nice thing is that their games are generally at the same location, just different fields, so that hasn't been as much of a conflict as I was originally concerned it would be. Will has really developed some great skills - he definetly leans toward being a better defensive player, but part of that is the learning curve, the fact that he isn't the fastest on his team, and that he doesn't have the drive to be offensive yet. Ellie is hilarious because everytime that she gets the ball, she gets laughing so hard at the other girls chasing after her that she can barely remember to run. It has been a great experience for my kids and while it is time consuming, they both love it. Will is constantly dribbling down the hall at our house and takes his soccer ball with him any chance he gets.

Ellie just started dance and she LOVES it - she getst to wear her cute skirt and fly like a butterfly. She is the girl who will always start dancing when the bands go by in a parade, loves loud music that she can sing and dance to - life will be a fun adventure with her. What is really cute about this situation is that Catie is following in Ellie's footsteps, and will be the same type of girl at least for a little while.

I have been working on helping Will practice the piano more - now that soccer is dying down we should have more of a free schedule I have plans to make that part of the evening regular schedule. He is getting to the point where he can practice a little more by himself without me having to sit right next to him, so it will be easier to have him do while I'm helping the girls with something else (like making cookies...). I'm convinced that once we get him to the point where he knows most of the notes, we can really get into a regular habit of practicing - the first part is absoluetly the hardest.

I'm loving teaching. Some things I'm still juggling a little, like cooking a decent dinner, staying caught up on laundry/dishes/cleaning but those are things that have never been my aptitude, so those who know me won't be astoundingly shocked. I truly feel like I'm a better mom in the afternoons because I have had the chance to do what is my passion during the day and I don't feel frustration toward my kids that they just don't stay quiet while I'm teaching piano. It was a job that served a great purpose when my kids were very little, but it wasn't ever something that was a true joy or passion for me - just something that made the money to buy things like clothes a diapers. I realize that there are many who hold true to the fact that mom's need to be home until their kids are in school, but I was really neglecting myself in doing that - frustrated that I was losing me. I know it's not for everyone, and I know that there are many who think I've chosen by putting myself above my kids, but the fact of the matter is that I'm happy, my kids are happy, my husband is happy (he actually gets some quality no mom around time with the kids every day and for two additional hours on Wednesday afternoons) and I really feel like I'm living my dream life. Being 100% honest with myself (and not counting the fact that I live in Enoch - hopefully this will be the last year that I live out there) I wouldn't change a single thing in my life.



Harmony said...

I'm glad you're happy Tash. I think being content with our lot and circumstances in life is a really worthwhile, valuable, and sometimes hard-to-find thing. What's so bad about living out in Enoch though? :-)

Tasha said...

it takes me 15 minutes to get anywhere but church - so if I need to run to the store to grab some bread and milk - I'm gone a hour...I don't like big smelly animals, I think that neighborhoods should have sidewalks - especially one that is new, and I'm in a very cliquey ward...I've been in the ward for over two years, and most of the people still call me by the wrong name - not just mispronouncing it, but half of them call me Katie because I have long hair like another sister in the ward... I'm ready to get out and move on....