Monday, December 10, 2007

My list before Christmas

My sister-in-law Harmony was mentioning on her blog that she had made a list of stuff to do before Christmas, and I thought that I should probably do that too, so I decided to post it here - lucky you for getting to read my list :)

1. Finish Christmas shopping - I think I just have to take my kids to buy presents for each other and Enoch, try to find something for my mom (since I know her so well that I bought her the same thing as she bought herself for her one Christmas item this year) my mother-in-law, my sister's family and something for the parents in my sister-in-laws family.

2. Get all the And Then There Were None tests and 3-6 page mysteries graded, along with all the miscellaneous stuff (I really want to have all my grades caught up by the end of this week)

3. I would like to make some really fun Christmas cookies. Kraftfoods has some really fun ones this year that are shaped like candy canes, etc. and since I have a Ellie who LOVES to bake, I thought that it would be a good thing to do.

4. Finish fine tuning the Christmas program and practice the other three songs that I'm now doing for the other Christmas program (the dinner one, not the sacrament one)

5. Theoretically write a Christmas letter... we'll see how that one goes. I tend to write those but then forget to send them off...don't be at all surprised if that great Christmas letter ends up on this and the myfamily website.

6. Bake braided pastries to take around to neighbors, co-workers, etc.

7. Clean my dang bedroom!! That seems to be the last thing I get to on all my lists - probably because it is my least favorite thing.

8. Get kids pictures taken - Will got some with his first grade class, but they cost almost three times more than if I just take them to WalMart so I will just take all three kids...I may even decide to just take them myself.

9. Update my blog with all the fun things that took place this last weekend but my camera is at my house and it will probably take a couple of entries to get all the different aspects covered. Check back soon for those updates.

Well, that looks like my list of stuff to do before Christmas...over the Christmas break is a whole different idea, but I figure I'll just take it two weeks at a time. :)

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