Friday, November 30, 2007

Celebrating life

About noon today the air outside my classroom filled with my favorite aroma, second only to roses - that of rain. There is a storm moving through Cedar which should eventually turn to snow, but for now it is raining, and that always puts me in a good mood. So, since I'm in a great mood, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things :)

This is my favorite Catie - my adorable two year old who loves to smile for the camera, and give squishy hugs, snuggle with her blankie and watch Dora.

This is me playing with my fun loving quickly smiling Ellie who tells the best stories. I think if I ever get around to it, her stories would be great children's books.

Here is my favorite Will - the meticulous, studious, fun loving, energetic kid. (At the park this day Will and I were playing chase through the playground equipment - too much fun) And here is my great family - playing Holiday Yahtzee while I was making some home-made turkey soup. What a great bunch of people!

Yea, I know I'm incredibly biased - that's my job as a mom - in my mom contract, it says, "Pre-requisite - must be biased toward the children which will no doubt be incredibly adorable and a husband who is great, hard-working and helpful - especially when he runs to Subway because I can't break away for lunch because I have frantic freshmen in my classroom typing their little fingers to the bone to get their major writing assignment for the quarter in, without which they don't pass the class and therefore can't graduate from high school, and he knows that when I don't get lunch and a diet coke, I can become the reincarnation o f the wicked witch of the west on steroids. (WHEW! How was that for a description!) :)

So I hope whomever the very few people who are reading this may be, that there is the great smell of rain in your neighborhood and that you get a few seconds to celebrate life!!!

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Harmony said...

We smelled the rain too, but most everyone here just wants it to turn into white fluffy stuff.

You make me want to be a better mom Tash. I love my kids, but I have a hard time just playing and having fun with them like you do with yours. Thanks for being a good example for me.