Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Working out of perfectionist tendencies

I have in my mind this idea that if I'm going to post on my blog, it needs to be a well thought cleverly worded post full of wit and wisdom. But as I sit in the middle of a messy desk in my classroom, I realize that I've acknowledged the futility of perfectionism at all times, so why am I still holding on to the notion with something as simple and informal as a blog.

I have been having a blast with my kids lately. It seems that now that they are a little older (6, 4 and 2, I know, not a great deal older, but they don't require as much intense take care of time). We snuggle and talk and read books. Will has been practicing better now - if I can just get him in the habit, when the girls have the chance to learn how to play the piano, it will already be a family habit, which is always good.

Enoch's birthday is coming up on Monday, Nov 19 - we are going to see a play and out to dinner the weekend before to celebrate. Those of you who know Enoch know that when it comes to him choosing where we are going to eat, there isn't anything in this town that even comes close to the memphis dry rub ribs at Chili's. There may be times when he switches and adds a half rack of some other kind of rib only to find himself disappointed at the result. So that Friday night, I'm planning on eating at Chili's. I don't know what I'm getting yet, but know that the birthday boy will be happy, and that's what will be truly important.

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