Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

I actually wanted to read this book last year, after I read all of George's Dragon series, but it was never at the library and it got bumped down the priority list. I was very curious as to whether or not I would like her books outside of that story, whether she could spin a great tale with different characters. I was also drawn to this book as several fellow readers had high praise, and really, I'm a sucker for a quality fairytale retelling.

This is the story of a girl whose mother is so exasperated at finding not only that she was expecting again, but that the new baby was another girl that she didn't even bother to give her a name. She adores her eldest brother, but his return from work has left him changed for reasons she doesn't know. Along the way, this girl discovers she has a talent that ends up benefiting her and opening the possibility of adventure that will require her to cling to her courage and develop her wit.

This is really a beautiful book. I think the story telling is better than the Dragon series books, the characters mysterious and adorable, even the ones that shouldn't be. As I am not familiar with the original tale in all its variations, I'm not sure which parts are the original fairytale and which are George's imagination, but I adore her writing style, pacing and character development. She really is quite talented.


Charlotte said...

I just wanted to thank you for these book reviews.

I actually don't usually read them as they come up on your blog, however, three times now, when I've been stuck for a book to read, I'll come here, click on the "book reviews" link at the bottom of your most recent review post, read your last 2-3 months of reviews, and go "shopping" at the on-line section of my local library. As it turns out, I've got two five-hour drives coming up next week, and I need something to listen to to pass the time. Three of your recommendations here are currently stocked at my library, and so I'm thinking that I'm going to be all taken care of, thanks to you.

(As long as I was going through the library holdings, I put some of your other recommendations on hold--so I'll have plenty of listening material over the next few weeks as other patrons turn them in.)

So, thanks Tasha!

Tasha said...

I'm so glad that it has helped you. You'll have to let me know which ones you have found most enjoyable :)

Harmony said...

I regularly add your recommendations to my Goodreads list. Just wish I could get around to actually reading them....