Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Red Pyramid

Remember how much fun the Percy Jackson series was? All five of them? Rick Riordan launched the first book in a new series with a similar theme (kindof) to the Percy Jackson series, except this time around, it is Egyptian gods. When I first found out this was coming, I did a little dance inside my head and secretly hoped that this series would be as enjoyable as Riordan's last. I pre-ordered and made myself wait until school was over because I had a suspicion that if I liked it, I wouldn't want to do anything until it was finished. So how was it?

This book is about Sadie and Carter, siblings who live their lives apart ever since the death of their mother. Then, when they are getting together in England for a Christmas visit, they accompany their father to a museum where something impressive and tragic happens. Sadie and Carter then begin to discover they have ties to the Egyptian culture beyond a father who visits historical sites and is known for his research. They embark on a journey to learn of their identities, what really happened to their mother and realize that though they have lived most of their lives apart, they cannot have success unless they work together.

There are so many things I like about this book. The story is told from both Carter and Sadie's point of view, and the voice for each is developed perfectly. While each chapter starts with who is telling, after the first few chapters I didn't have to look at the name to be able to identify who it was. The creativity that I adored so much with the Percy Jackson series is still here, still strong and the description accompanies harmoniously. Furthermore, the research Riordan has done to be correct in his dealings with Egyptian gods is as precise as it was with the Greek gods. Needless to say this was a fun journey. It is quite a bit longer than any of the Jackson books, but never feels tedious or drawn out. Don't know when the next one is coming out, but I'll probably be pre-ordering again :)


Harmony said...

I can't keep up! There are just too many books to read.

Tasha said...

I can't keep up either, but I sure try - knowing full well that I will not succeed, but I still try. :)

BBB said...

Also on my bedside table to be read soon.