Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Gift For Your Gifts

Here's a secret fact about me.

I can't crochet.

Or knit.

Or really do much that requires any manipulation of thread.

I once sat down with my mom to quilt and bent three needles beyond use.

In 20 minutes.

What I can do is write little ditties about thread. My mom recently wanted to send a doily she made to her friend who is serving as a mission president's wife in NY, but didn't want her friend to think it was just a doily.

Are you getting the feeling that my mom and I don't really share talents? In case you are wondering, remember this?

So, for her to not "just send a doily" I wrote her this poem. If you are one of those people who are talented like my mom, feel free to use it (just please give me credit...).

Some say this is just a piece of string with many knots and holes
What makes it more than this is the journey that it knows.
It started with a bit of hop, a dream of what may be
Just as this is more than string, you're more than a friend to me.

The knots are times I've hurt and struggled through trials, heartache and tears
Your encouragement, smiles and simple love helped me improve through the years
The pattern in this little string was made with time and good intent
This string, now more, demonstrates what your friendship has meant.

I hope you may find in your home a place where this string can do its part
Add some kind of delicate grace as you have done for my heart.
The laughter and tears we have shared leaves no room for just in the end
This string has become much more, as have I, for I have you as my friend.


Nisa said...

That is a lovely analogy. What a beautiful poem!

Jake said...

wow, that's a neat poem.

Erin H. said...

Darling, my tall writing friend!

Mellissa said...

Yeah, I'm like you - no string involvement. I once tried to make a washcloth. I had my tension so tight it wound up a tiny little thing. Sad story. Your poem is a great thing to send along with the doily. :)

Harmony said...

I think she will appreciate the doily and the poem!