Monday, November 9, 2009

That Self Improvement Thing

So I'm trying to be a super-fantastic homemaker working mom who makes delicious meals, is warm and supportive and maintains my sanity. But I have this not so secret ambition of being a writer and NaNoWriMo provides me with that opportunity.

I'm feeling a little frustrated (note: not stressed, frustrated) because I just am not getting the time to write that I would like. So the idea enters my mind to just upload what I did last year and add to it for this year and then I would be further, still working on a great story (great in my mind at least and mine is the only mind to have seen it so far) and then I could get that sense of accomplishment. (Okay, it would be a false sense, but sometimes the validation is worth it, right?)

Sometimes things are much harder in reality than in theory. Self improvement is definitely one of those things.

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