Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If You Could Get Paid

I just came across and interesting idea which seemed bloggable (not sure if that is a word or if it were a word, maybe it would only have one "g" - blogable.  Let me know what you think).  What would you do more often if you got paid to do it?   

Of course the first thing would be some of those chores that I just don't like to do.  I've always found it interesting when I have had a job which required washing or cleaning, it was no big deal, just part of the job, but sometimes when I have to do these jobs at home, I hate them.  But what if the powers that be could give me a check for washing the dishes - maybe even just pay by the load.   I truly believe I would be washing dishes all the time.  

But then I think about the things that I would like to do but just don't seem to find the time to do. What if I could get paid to read.  That, I think, would be the definition of heaven.  I truly believe that I would be in paradise and that my TV would become totally obsolete.  

There is I downside I think though.  What if it became like work - something you enjoy all the time but begin to resent regardless of monetary reimbursement.  But even then, you really wouldn't have to do it because it wouldn't be a job.  

Obviously it wouldn't happen, but still it is fun to wonder - what would you do more often if you could get money for what you did?

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Harmony said...

Interesting. I think there are some things I would do more often if the price was right (dishes, to use your example, would cost you quite a bit to get me to do them more often), but other things I would do more often almost regardless of how little I was being paid for them (reading, to use your other example).