Wednesday, October 22, 2008


(If you have been following this blog at all, you will realize that I just had a five day break from school, therefore I have had lots of time to get lots of reading in... YEAH!!!)

This is the final book by Ally Condie.  I found them to be fun, when I wasn't reading them I was wondering what was going to happen to the characters, who would end up with whom, would Sam really go on his mission, what was going to happen to Cate (incidently I love the girl names starting with a C - reminds me of my Catie), would Addie warm up to people in general and not turn into a hate the world teenager, etc.

I am glad that I bought these books (even though I didn't get them all signed when Ally was here and I saw her at two different points over one weekend - definitely going to have to catch her next time she's down) because I know these are going to be great to go back to and read again sometime in the future, but I also have great confidence that my girls are going to love reading them.  Will may too, but probably not.  They are a little more chick-ish, but then again, so are the Twilight books, and I know men who get into them.  We will have to see on that one.

The characters stay true and are still real.  I do wish that I could have seen more about Mikey and her growth and development because I really like her.  I liked the difficulty the characters went through in making their decisions, and LOVED the last two pages.  That is hands down the best reunion ever.  

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Janyece said...

James liked the Twilight books and he's usually anti-chick in the entertainment dept. You just never know!