Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Happened, What's Coming, How to Prepare

Some of you may or may not know that I am a HUGE fan of Glenn Beck. I like that he doesn't have the arrogance of Rush Limbaugh, who I can only stand to listen to for about 10 minutes at a time and he doesn't end every argument with someone who disagrees by calling him a dope, with the highly intelligent sound bites of Homer Simpson interjected whenever or feel like he knows Americans so well, he can just call everyone "my friend" like Sean Hannity (and incidentally John McCain,). True, he shares the same values and faith that I do, but I find him relatable, intelligent and firmly grounded with a belief of what is wrong and what is right. Period. Regardless of what little letter someone has in parentheses after his/her name, or what color they think their state should be.

He recently wrote three letters to his family members talking about our current state of affairs in this country. He is honest, upfront, informed and caring. I just read these - found them to be just the answers to the questions I had and thought I should share. You can probably read all three in just over ten minutes unless you follow all the links, but I really think you will enjoy them.

Click here to find out what happened

Click here to what's coming

And finally, click here to see what I can do to prepare

I think you will find it worth your time and help maintain a little peace of mind (more coming on that in a bit...)



Janyece said...

I'm with you! I really like Glenn Beck! Thanks for posting these links.

Harmony said...

I've tried to read transcripts of his show before and they totally drive me crazy. They are too ADD to make sense of. But these three letters are great--logical, practical, and readable. Thanks for sharing them. I hope he's wrong, but I'm afraid he's way too right...