Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Day

This is the second book in Condie's trilogy, and it continues to follow Andrea and Ethan Beckett primarily, with the added individuals who impact their lives. It is definitely a romance type book, which isn't what I typically read, but I found myself enjoying my time reading and wondering what was going to happen to the characters.

I liked the coming of age process Ethan went through, not just baptizing millions (I just had an image of that scene in Saturday's Warrior when whoever that character is talks about the way he is going to change the world because he is going to baptize something like a whole new stake's worth of people, but then struggles - similar to Ethan but different struggle...kindof), struggling with the language, wanting to be the best, but just trying to understand the people and how to connect, etc.

I find myself relating in many, many ways to Andrea. Having had the title of Ice Queen among a few people in college, because I didn't take the time to sit and visit - I had things to do. It still comes out in me, and that is probably why I find her so endearing. Things don't work out for her according to her very well considered plans. Some of the changes are natural, a simple part of college and the realization of who and what she is, and others hurt because they are unexpected and impossible to expect.

This book definitely had a more romantic element to it than Yearbook but it was fun to see that Condie is still letting her characters go through the universal experiences, even the ones that aren't always the best, so they can grow up and maintain the realism. Again, they are fun reads and help with some little trips down memory lane.


Harmony said...

Thanks for lending these to me Tash.

Tasha said...

No problem, I hope you enjoy them.