Tuesday, November 18, 2008

David Cook!!!

I came home from work exhausted - I've been battling a cold for just over a week now, writing a novel (I'm almost at 50%), giving tests on Huck Finn, working on grading portfolios and trying to get all the kids rooms with accompanying toys and clothes sorted and put in their proper place in this world. Enoch brought home some Papa Murphy's pizzas (the new Philly Cheesesteak is amazing by the way) which I threw in the oven, helped the kids get started eating and ran out the door to attend a poetry reading by Utah's Poet Laureate, Kate Coles (it was awesome).

I headed to Walmart to try to find a little golf guy to go on Enoch's traditional birthday brownies with green mint icing (which I think look kindof like a golf course, so the little guy would have been good, but apparently people don't like little golf guys) and the other part of his birthday present when I saw the new CD one of my students told me was coming out today - that of the phenomenal David Cook.

David Cook is the first contestant on American Idol that has been worthy of my time to call and vote. He was the reason I even knew what was happening on American Idol last year - a show that I don't usually follow. I love his style.

Now, if you have heard the single he released as the winner of American Idol, and you followed him at all, you, like Enoch and I, may have felt a little jipped because his style clear through the show was rock, which I love, but the single was pop, which made me want to puke over the sappiness.

I wasn't really planning on buying the CD, but the beckoning price tag of less than $10, and the fact that there was only one left was too enticing to resist and I decided spending a measly ten dollars on myself after working as hard as I have been was the least I could do for myself.

My self generosity was rewarded. I LOVE his new CD! It is true to his rocker style with thumping base lines, syncopated rhythms, non-cheesy lyrics, some moments of wailing guitar and I grinned my whole drive home. I even called Enoch to come out and sit in the car (which has a Bose system and is the only way to first experience new music) and we tapped our feet along with the standard rock head bob (is there a proper name for that?) and both agreed that I was very kind in allowing such a spectacular person to receive such a gift.

If you like rockin' out music, awesome vocals and believe some CD's were just meant to be listened to loud, treat yourself. Enjoy some David Cook. You will not be disappointed.

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Janyece said...

Okay, I need to stop reading your blog. You keep adding things to my amazon list! lol! Okay, they'd end up there anyway. Thanks for the reviews! Way to go with your novel!