Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ten Percent

You may think this is going to be some enlightening post about tithing or some such, but no, it is about NaNoWriMo.  I have hit ten percent.  Yup, I just passed the 5,000 word mark, and I'm very excited because the story that I'm writing is really developing as I write it, with things happening that I didn't expect and ideas are a flowin' (yes, I just wrote that).

Oh happy day!  I was wondering if I would make this goal or not, but I am on my way now - it may really happen.

I figure I can write more tonight when I'm listening to Glenn Beck make fun of anyone and everyone during his Election Night Coverage. I don't expect most things to go my way tonight, and could do laundry, but really, I'd rather write. 


Janyece said...

Congratulations! If I'm lucky, I have 500 words. Way to go!

Christi Krug said...

Go Tasha! It's terrific you're taking up this challenge!