Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Enoch!

Today's Enoch's 32nd birthday.  

I always get up before him (he is not a morning person) and woke him with 32 kisses all over his face (which he really didn't enjoy, but I thought was a blast).  To celebrate he is going to go play 18 holes in Mesquite on Friday and then he and I are going to spend some time in St. George on Saturday.  

I think the kids are more excited for it to be his birthday that he is.  We are going to make his brownies after school today and before dance and grab some Chili's To Go so the kids can celebrate with him. 

I imagine his enthusiasm will increase as the day goes on - like I said, he's really not a good morning person.  

So to pay tribute to my favorite husband, I thought it was only fitting that I share some pictures and a very short video.  I'm sure his actions will make you smile like they make me smile.  He doesn't read this blog except when I ask him to, so he probably won't ever know they are here, which, really, is half the fun. :)


Daniel B. said...

Happy Birthday, Cuz. Cougars are going to ROCK this weekend! GO BYU!

Janyece said...

Oh that was great! Happy birthday, Enoch! Maybe he should play the 18 holes twice. 32 for his 32nd birthday! ;)