Saturday, January 17, 2009

Freshman for President

I started this book two weekends ago - just before school started again - both of them. I have been working my little tail off these last two week - reading only for about 5 minutes before settling down for some deep studying of the back of my eyelids until today. I'm actually a little ahead, and treated myself to enjoying the rest of Freshman for President.

This is Condie's fourth book - first that wasn't in the Yearbook trilogy or LDS based and it was an absolute joy to read. I really like Milo and related very well to the students in the book. I laugh all the time because I hear mom's about my age with kids about my age who say life gets easier when the kids get older; this book disproves that very well.

This is about a teen, Milo, who is annoyed with what is happening concerning the student body elections at his school, and has a brilliant friend, Eden, who talks him into running as a write-in candidate in the presidential election. They take the city, then state, then US by storm through the methods best for teens - internet. Milo has to really grow up - sometimes it is nice and slow - other times it's in the course of a conversation, but that is reality.

I like that the dreams thought up by these teens are a little big - something abnormally ambitious. I like that the conflicts weren't written to be the conflicts everyone assumes teens have but surely are being over-exaggerated - that Ally wrote them how teens feel them without being cutesy or trite.

This was a very fun read - one that was perfect for the brief "I'm escaping my life" read and I really can't wait for her next book, whatever it may be.

Thanks Ally.


ellen said...

Hi cute blog, but we are going to some of Annes games so i will look for you if you go to them!

ellen said...

Sorry that last comment was from Kym I am at my moms house and I guess logged in under her name! But we are going to the game tonight so if you go I will look for you!

ally condie said...

Thank YOU Tasha, for the great review! What a fun surprise when I was reading your blog today. And I am honored that you would use some of your precious free time on it--you sound so darn busy!