Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm a Word Nerd

I'm plowing through TONS of research about writing in the classroom for my Master's thesis and I came across a word I had never heard of before.  I wasn't even sure how to pronounce it at first. But it is becoming my new favorite word.  

The word?

It is very fun to say and I keep trying to find an excuse to work it into a conversation.  The definition (for phenomenology) is a philosophy or method of inquiry based on the premise that reality consists of objects and events as they are perceived or understood in human consciousness and not of anything independent of human consciousness or a movement based on this, originated about 1905 by Edmund Husserl.

I promise once you start saying it you too will keep wondering how to work it into a conversation. :)

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Janyece said...

That's a very phonetically pleasing word to say!