Friday, February 5, 2010

Love is in the Air

I have four books that I need to write reviews for, three or four goodies that we have made that I haven't posted about yet and about 80 tests to grade. So what am I doing with my time? Blogging. And not even blogging about what I usually blog about. What am I blogging about?


I'm blogging about love because I meant to do in at Christmas time when I first started on this little journey, but as you can see, I'm practicing my procrastination with the only thing that won't fall apart if I procrastinate it. My blog.

For Christmas, Enoch really bought his own present - some TaylorMade irons from his friend - he needed them, they were a great deal and so he got them. That and a four day guys only trip to California to see Metallica, golf three courses, see a Jazz vs Lakers game...yea, I really wasn't going to spend anymore money on him. But, I wanted to make sure there was something for him to enjoy, to open, from me on Christmas morning. That's about the time I found this blog.
This is such a fun blog. It's written by a woman named Cher who has and shares her great creative ideas on how to keep the love alive - especially difficult with kids, jobs, callings, life. She had the idea to make a Date of the Month club that I could "sign him up" for, which featured tickets, a date of the month selection and two premier weekend/overnight experiences. The catch? It's all done at home and for a relatively low cost. It gives us the opportunity to have a date (watching TV DOES NOT COUNT) without having to find a babysitter or spend money (because we don't have any right now) or have any elaborate plans.

Here were the 12 choices Enoch had -

Pizzeria Night – a saucy night where we will cook up some masterpieces

Night at the Spa – a night to soak and rub away all the stress

Cosmic Date – a romantic date under the stars with yours truly

Tailgate Party – You choose the game, I’ll take care of the rest

Chinese Date – We’ll be eating on the floor and finding out our fortunes

Pirates Quest – embark on the adventure to find your own treasure

Exclusive Movie Preview – Get the red carpet treatment tonight

Words of Love – Words you create will let you win in more ways than one…

Love Doctor – Need a Checkup? Perhaps bed rest is just the cure you need...

Wild West Night – This saloon’s got the best grub and prettiest girl in town

Here Birdie Birdie – Playing a round or hitting the range, just you and me

Mystery Date - Some clues and reasoning required to solve this puzzle

If you want to see how it is all supposed to turn out you can click here. I put all of Enoch's gifts in different sized manilla envelopes and then all in one big envelope. So far we have had some fun, it gives us something to look forward to and reminds us to have time for each other.

Seriously, check out her blog (set aside some time) the ideas are cute, sexy and fun. And just in time for Valentine's Day. Also, she has a deal where she will make all this for you and all you have to do is print - if you are too busy but still want to do it, you really should contact her. She customizes the dates to your preference and for only $9.99. Really? What a great deal. Go on - click on this link.

Get out of here and remember what it's like to do silly things because you are in love.


Nisa said...

That sounds awesome! James and I were just talking about how we needed to do cheap, babysitter free date nights. I'm sending this to him now!

Erin H. said...

Cool! Go get em, Tiger(ess)!