Monday, February 1, 2010

When Things Go Wrong

Struggling with some stuff right now and just clicked on a link that lead me to this quote - I needed it today, thought someone else might too.

"To do well does not mean everything will always turn out well. The key is to remember that faith and obedience are still the answers, even when things go wrong, perhaps especially when things go wrong."
--David E. Sorensen, "Faith Is the Answer," Ensign, May 2005


Nisa said...

That is a great quote. I hope things start looking up from here. *hugs*

Erin H. said...

I hope thing get better! Let me know if I can help. Here's another that helps me and fits in with yours:

"The Lord doesn't ask about our ability or inability, only about our availability. And if we prove our dependability, He will take care of our capability." - Neal A. Maxwell