Monday, January 31, 2011


This is the second book in the Fallen series, continuing the story of Luce, Daniel and the rest of the crew from the first book.  I have to admit that sometimes, in the light of the trend to make books into series, that sometimes I want to skip the second books to get to the story.   But the first book left off with such a - not really cliff hanger - but new knowledge that sparks curiosity.  Therefore, I felt the necessity to read the second. As always, I'm very careful to not reveal too much so as to avoid the spoilers as much as possible.

Luce has been moved to a new school, for her protection, and is forced to attend without Daniel and any of the friends she had at the first.  She makes a connection with some of the students, some who know more about her than she does about herself, and she starts to question all the things that Daniel is doing "for her protection."   As her knowledge of the elements around her grows, and she discovers that she is quite capable of many things, she starts to question if the things that Daniel has been telling her are for her own good or his selfish desires.

This was a well written book.  The story progressed with a good pace and the characterization became more solidified.  The chapters are broken up in a unique fashion that added to the reading experience for me as well.  I really was not liking Luce much in moments of Fallen because she was such a victim, the damsel in distress who just got in trouble and danger all the time - was very close to being  cliche.  But in this book, Luce starts to get a backbone, take some initiative and strive to take control of her life rather than just let the forces around her determine her future.  The ultimate decision of self-preservation is made at the end of this book and I'm super excited to read the last one.  I really like Luce and can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

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