Friday, January 21, 2011


I saw this book on my Amazon recommended list and I completely admit that I developed a fascination and interest in the book purely because of the cover.  Yes, I completely judged this book by it's cover and knew that I had to at least give it a chance based solely on that.  I tell you, whoever did the artwork on this book, I sure hope they are getting a pretty penny.  I did have some hesitation when I looked up the author though.  You see, she is 18, and while there are others who have had success in their teens, there is something a little frustrating about teen writing.  But then I looked at the cover again and knew that she deserved a chance. 
This is a story about Bethany, an angel who came to earth with two other angels to help a small community fight against the evil, dark forces that are trying to gain power.  She has never been to earth before, unlike the other two angels, and the Adornetto does a good job catching her experiences, both with a new body and dealing with significant innocence that makes it obvious she is not like normal teenagers.  She quickly becomes involved with a boy, which she is NOT supposed to do, and the forces that seemed to be distant to the quaint town she is in permeate faster than expected.  Bethany is conflicted between her responsibilities and her new feelings.

Adornetto is a pretty good writer, I have to give her credit.  Granted, there were times when I knew the author was very young, but at the same time, she does a great job really capturing the emotions of a teenager without being overly dramatic in an effort to create tension, or too vague due to time removed from such experiences.  This book is total brain candy - not a hard read at all, but an enjoyable story.  I have the interest in following the rest of the series, not merely because of a curiosity concerning the storyline, but also to witness the development of Adornetto as an author.  Enjoyable, memorable and fun.

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