Saturday, May 14, 2011

March Madness Recap - String Festival

I finally have a few minutes to catch up on what happened in March.  In that month, we attended a string festival, piano recital and festival, four soccer games, three of which were in St. George, hosted three friend birthday parties, three family dessert birthday parties, two science fair entries, planned and decorated a prom assembly to present the top ten boys and girls in the royalty, along with counting the votes, organized and was in charge of arranging everything for prom and granted, it was April, hosted Ellie's baptism dinner where we fed about 30 people.  It was lots of fun but very, very busy.  But, having had so much fun (I TRULY did), I really wanted a blog recap for memories :)

Today we start with the string festival.  Ellie started playing the violin January of 2010 after two years of begging.  She has done a decent job at picking it up, and after working with her on the proper way to practice, figured out that she may have more talent than originally thought.

The Southern Utah String Festival was Ellie's first time performing with her violin and she was quite nervous.  Prepared, but nervous.
Ellie did have a spot in one of her songs that she had a memory lapse.  She recovered well, but when she sat down, she told me she thought that would mean she got an excellent instead of a superior.  But she played her second song very well and got the score she worked toward. 

Ellie and her teacher - and yes, Ellie loves her very much.

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