Sunday, May 15, 2011

March Madness Recap - Catie Turns Six

It is difficult to believe that Catie is six.  I have often heard parents say they still envision their children at certain ages and I just think Catie is five.  I loved her as a five year old.  She is one of those kids who just is happy - skips randomly when most people walk and doesn't take a bad picture. 

This year, for her birthday, it was all about Tangled.  Lots of fun for party ideas, but difficult to think of a conceptual cake.  How to make a Tangled cake, with my time frame and baking abilities...then it hit me when I was walking through the store - Hostess Ding Dongs!  A few skewers through the middle to keep them from falling over and some canned icing (don't judge me...) and we have a cake.

I was actually pretty proud of the way it turned out and Catie seemed excited, so we called this one a win!  We had this as the dessert with the relatives that were able to come over on her birthday.  

We had Catie's friend party the Saturday following her birthday.  Tangled was still a pretty new concept for birthday parties, but I found some great ideas on the trusty internet.  I stole the idea for the party invitations from this blog and since I forgot to take a picture of ours, so I'm including hers.

Totally cute and it got the girls very excited.  They arrived, colored Tangled pictures and made flowers from felt to wear like Rapunzel does.  Enoch gets all sorts of dad praise for his willingness to help 5-6 year old girls make felt flowers.  Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

They turned out really cute and were VERY easy - if you are looking for cute and simple, the instructions for these are here.  We also had the girls make the bookmarks from the same site, teaching them the basics of braiding.  We had the Tangled soundtrack playing during all of this and moved on to the best part - decorating cupcakes :)

You can see the girls are wearing their flowers.  Advice for having kids decorate cupcakes - icing in a can doesn't make a huge mess and is somewhat user friendly.  It was a very fun day and I think all the girls enjoyed themselves.

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Melissa said...

AWESOME cake!!! I am going to steal the hostess cupcake idea. We are having a Tangled birthday party here this next week and I was wondering how to make a tower. Brilliant idea! Looks like everyone had fun!!