Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer To Do List - Summer Games

Anyone who has lived in Cedar anytime during the last 20+ years knows about the Utah Summer Games.  Sure, there are people elsewhere who do to, but it is an integral part of summer in Cedar.  It's a statewide  "Olympics" of sort, with competitors ranging from 5-95+. 

I first started participating in the Summer Games in middle school as a swimmer.  I have vivid memories of freezing outside after swimming my race because the wind inevitably was blowing and the pool water was cold and so I shivered.  I did an okay job, winning a few medals in some races.  I also participated in high school, playing basketball and volleyball.  My first basketball game I played in the Summer Games was with a silicone cast on my hand because I broke it about 10 days before on an inbound play.

The point of all this?  Well, remember the last post - the one with all the food?  Consider that and the fact that I have really been working at getting in shape this year and I had a realization.  For me to make and eat what I want, I have to workout REALLY hard.  And the greatest exercise to lose weight has to be high impact. 

 (Funny thing - this picture came from a website also called Random Thoughts - hilarious huh!)

So this year, I'm playing volleyball in the Summer Games again (I did last  year) and running a 5k.  I ran one on Labor Day of last year, but then embarked on double foot surgeries and had to rebuild.  I'm super excited for volleyball, but training with focus on the 5k - I really want to break 30 minutes.

Some people who ran cross country in high school may look at 30 minutes in astonishment because they were at least five minutes faster, but the one I ran in September I was at about 33 minutes and 20 pounds heavier. 

This is a struggle for me - I probably could have been a runner but never really enjoyed it.  But I think I'm catching the bug enough that in the back of my mind I'm considering a 1/2 marathon, at night, down the Las Vegas strip in December.

Obviously I need to get a few 5ks and a 10k or two under my belt, but I think there is a chance. 

What are you doing now that is hard for you? 


Melissa said...

I have been thinking about running in the Summer Games, but haven't signed up yet. I think that your time is a great goal and totally doable, in fact your time for your first 5k was awesome! I am still not loving running, but I am at least liking it to keep doing it. I have a 5k on the 27th and have been training for it. My goal is to run the whole thing with no walking, I am up to 2.5 miles of solid runnig. Good luck with all of it!

Mellissa said...

I don't know if I could ever catch the running bug. I've honestly never given it a shot, but I don't really want to. I'm loving pickleball and am dying to get out and play tennis! I'm playing both in the Summer Games. What do you say we cheer each other on? Go Tasha! :)

Harmony said...

Wish I felt like I could join you in the 5K, but I think the weightlifting is a good enough goal for me this year. Go Tash!