Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ayn Rand Interview

I really like Ayn Rand - Here are some of her thoughts in a 1959 interview with Mike Wallace. Very interesting ideas. If that gets you thinking and you are close to me, I'm more than happy to lend you a book or two to read more. I promise you'll be hooked.



Harmony said...

Okay Tash, I haven't read any of Ayn Rand's books, but I watched the Ayn Rand/Mike Wallace interview, and I've read a little about Ayn Rand and her Objectivism philosophy. So I can't say I'm very knowledgeable. But from the little I have heard, I think some of her ideas are interesting and have merit, but I question her underlying philosophy. There is too much that seems to contradict the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, there's a lot of ridiculousness in this world that might not be there if everyone followed her philosophy, but I think Christ's way is a better solution.

Harmony said...

Am I reading her philosophy wrong? Do I just need to read her books to get a better picture?

Tasha said...

One of the biggest principles is the necessity to take care of one's self without the expectation that anyone else will take care of you for you. A good example is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - people who were up in arms because the government didn't take care of them. I think many of her ideas (granted, she was an atheist, so there's a huge contradiction) are right in line with what the Church teaches, that we are responsible for taking care of ourselves and give when we can. Her books showcase some extremes, people who are trying so hard to fit in that they sacrifice any semblance of self to the viewpoints held of them by society, and the great producers of the world essentially going on strike until the government realizes that their job isn't to tell everyone what to do and who to do it for, but to allow capitalism to work the way it is supposed to and require man to be accountable for his own actions rather than expecting someone to take care of them. I really don't see her political and social views contradicting those of Christ's - and the reason she is atheist is because she's like the woman who was talked about in GC who denied the church because she couldn't think out how it was true - Ayn just didn't ever let her feelings guide her or the opinions of others concerning her to affect who she really is. Reading the books would be a good insight into her - Anthem is only 70ish pages and a good introduction to her philosophy.

Harmony said...

Thanks Tash. That helps--it makes a lot more sense than what I read about her. I'll add her books to my "to read" list. :-)