Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Women in our World

I have been thinking about this for a while - why it is that women are known and recognized in our world today. I'm betting that 90% are some sort of prima donna who had a little bit of talent and a big agent, acted like an idiot at least half a dozen times, and has had to go to rehab for one reason or another. I was recently thinking about who my girls have to look up to in their lives, people in the media that they are going to want to emulate. With the infiltration of Bratz dolls, www.bratz.com and even Bratz babies, little babies that are dressed showing off as much as they can and covered in makeup, and all the reasonable dolls, like American Girl dolls www.americangirl.com costing an arm and a leg, is it any wonder that parents tend to lean toward the ones that don't cost as much as a car payment? Maybe the lesson I'm supposed to teach my girls is that virtue and morals aren't as convienent as immodesty and self-degredation. I can't believe how hard it is, in Southern Conservative Utah, to find a swim suit for my four year old that isn't a bikini - not just a tankini, but a full bikini. I'm in a battle already to help my girls learn how to be true to themselves, their morals, their intellect (not something I've seen from any public female figures under 20 in YEARS) and to trust their instincts. I guess I'd better start preparing for battle.

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Harmony said...

There are some advantages to having all boys. We were in an IHOP a couple of years ago and an elderly couple made a comment (which we hear rather frequently) about all our boys. Jeff's reply was something like, "Well, when you have a boy you have to worry about one boy. When you have a girl, you have to worry about all the boys."

On the other hand, I hear what you say and can't help but worry about all the girls my boys will want to date not that many years down the road, who may very well think that boys prefer girls who look and act like Bratz and Brittany Spears, et al. Scary.

The battle is worth the effort! Don't give in!