Thursday, April 26, 2007

Climbing back on the wagon

So, I fell off of the healthy wagon with a resounding thud about three years ago when I started having complications with a pregnancy, and figured it would be my last, so I milked the pregnancy cravings for all they were worth, which went through the holiday season, and gained more than I should have and then with building our house, going back to school, student teaching and juggling just being a mom, I really neglected my overall physical health. I love to workout - I love that it's me time and I can just zone and sweat and wake up the next morning hurting and excited to do it all over again. However, I'm starting to get tired of being sore - all the time. I was talking to my youngest sister after she ran the two hurdle races in a NCAA track meet and asked if she was sore at all and she said no. That's when I realized that I was nowhere as close to getting into shape as I thought I was. Honestly, if you hadn't seen me for a while and were to see me now, you wouldn't notice a difference, but I feel better, not as tired, more toned (still in the same size of clothes...BLAST!!!) but still sore most of the time. It's when I realized that desperately climbing back on the exercise bandwagon is really hard, and it is my motivation to never fall off again. It's much easier to keep on keeping on than to start and stop...and start and be sore all the time. So, an hour a day five days a week, usually in the mid morning, I'll be in the gym, listening to Hoobastank, The Killers, Evanescence, Los Lonely Boys - burning calories as fast as I can and grimacing with the lovely weights. :)


Harmony said...

Go Tasha, go! By the way, did you know that the hometown of Los Lonely Boys is San Angelo, Texas? I didn't know you were a fan. :-)

Tasha said...

I knew they were from somewhere in southern Texas, but didn't know they were from San Angelo. Adam got Enoch hooked when they were here last summer and then Enoch got me hooked - I really like the tempo of most of their songs when I'm working out - I seem to push harder when there is a beat that is matching my pace.