Friday, June 29, 2007

Injuries, Interviews and Tball

Wednesday night, just after Enoch went to Scouts, I heard a thud and Ellie started crying. Now, as a parent or even if you have been around kids very long, there is a clear difference in the cry of minor injury, things aren't going my way and a major owie cry, which is what I heard from Ellie. Of course I wasn't in the room, that would make it too easy to figure out what happened, but when I walked into the living room, Ellie was on the floor sobbing, and not sitting up, just lying there. When I got her up, she was holding her wrist and screaming in pain, so I thought for sure she had broken it. I called my nurse friend and after a very brief conversation, she thought it was broken too, so I had to have Enoch leave scouts quickly to bring me the van (which he had because his piece of crap truck is at the shop....again) and I dropped him off to borrow a neighbors truck, took Will and Catie to my mom's house and headed to the Instacare.

First of all, I love the instacare - so nice that we finally have one after so long and Cedar is big enough that it was a long time coming. We were in quickly and the doctor thought that Ellie had broken her wrist too, so she had her first chance to have x-rays at four years old. She did a great job but when they processed (digitally and very fast) the doctor didn't see a fracture and said it's just a very bad sprain. So Ellie is now sporting a fancy wrap, taking lots of Ibuprofen (last night was much better) and being very careful. They say if she is still in lots of pain in a week to have it re-x-rayed because sometimes breaks in that area don't really show up very well.

As you can see, she is doing okay with it now, but she still will start whimpering when it hurts - and she can't finish her swim lessons this week - the next session starts on Monday and I'm playing that one by ear - I thought I was doing great by paying for both sessions at once but if she can't swim, I'll have to negotiate a refund on both Ellie and Catie.

I had another interview yesterday for a Language Arts Position at Cedar High and I found out yesterday that I got the job. I'm very excited about teaching, getting my foot in the door and, if all goes well, never having to go in for a job interview again!!! An additional bonus is that Enoch and I will finally have health insurance that really covers most everything, not what we have had to be stuck with because we don't make enough to buy our own and what is offered for lower income really isn't much at all. That in and of itself is a wonderful relief.

Will has been playing Tball since we got back from Texas, but I just haven't had a chance to post much on it. Tball here is pretty low key, kids falling on the ball, throwing gloves around in the outfield, coaches reminding kids to run. I like that they aren't forced to do things at this age, but sometimes I think it is a little to lax in that many of the teams aren't really trying to teach the kids techniques or anything, which is what I think Tball should be doing. But Will has fun with it all the same and in his second year, he is doing a great job and understanding better what he should be doing.


Harmony said...

Glad Ellie is okay. Where are you doing swimming lessons? Congrats on the job! Adam and Ryan liked the pictures of Will playing T-ball too. See you again in a couple weeks!

Tasha said...

We do swim lessons at SUU - they do the Red Cross teaching which I really like because the kids learn how to swim, not just splash and play in the pool and they make sure that the kids know what it is they are supposed to know on each level before they pass them to the next level.