Thursday, June 14, 2007

While Traveling to Texas

We had a fun trip to Texas and I thought while I was on my way that I would get some reading done, which I did. First, I read Eragon, which really is the first fantasy novel that I have read all the way through since it was required in high school and I found it an enjoyable plot line with some amateur writing, but the story kept me engrossed and engaged, so I guess it's a split thumb vote for me. I read Raising Topsy-Turvy Kids that Paula had at her house about children who are visual spatial learners and I could see Will almost throughout the book, which helps me understand a little better why there are things he just doesn't yet understand, especially that I need to make things clearer and more concrete, especially in math.

I found my new place where I would like to live someday when we were on our last day driving home - Dillon, CO. It is beautiful, about an hour away from Denver, green, not too hot, has a lake - just heavenly. We had lots of fun on our trip and now I'm returning to the reality of being a mom, TBall, swim lessons, laundry (argh), gardening (trying to figure out what is eating my plants) and hopefully getting grass soon!!!


Harmony said...

Wow, long trip, mileage-wise. I don't even want to think about how much you spent on gas! Thanks for coming to visit us though. It was great to spend some time with you guys.

Question--did you think San Angelo was humid too, or just San Antonio and Dallas? We generally don't get as humid as the more eastern parts. Texas is greener than I expected too, but here in West Texas it's even greener than normal because we've had a really wet spring.

Tasha said...

I thought it was pretty humid, but we weren't out in it as much - probably not quite as humid but it also warmed up while we were there so who knows....