Friday, February 22, 2008

If I weren't a mom...

I was thinking this morning about the things in life I wouldn't know if I weren't a mom.  This started as I was trying desperately to wake up this morning, so I took a longer shower than normal, and for some reason I have the best ideas or thought processes in the shower.  So here it goes
If I weren't a mom, I wouldn't know...
1.  I can actually teach a full day of school after having been awakened four times during the night due to three kids with laryngitis, realizing that it took me a full hour after the third time to fall back asleep.
2.  The twista
ble crayons are better than regular ones because the paper doesn't have to be peeled off all over the house, and the likelihood that they will get broken is significantly diminished.
3. It's much better to buy printer paper by the box than just a reem at a time because we go through it so fast with paper airplanes, various coloring projects with markers, colored pencils, crayons and watercolors and the new creations that are made with the expert scissor skills.
4.  Admitting defeat makes it easier to not get stressed over the fact that I will NEVER be caught up on my laundry.
5.  A sky full of snowflakes is incredibly exciting regardless of the month or how many major snow storms have created havoc in the streets and on the job-sites.
6.  It's much more fun to dip pancakes in syrup than to cut them up and eat them with a fork.
7.  Every holiday is fun and exciting.
8.  Making cookies/brownies, especially when there are eggs to crack, is almost as much fun as eating them.
9.  Learning to read is the best thing about school.
10.  A bucket of Legos can provide hours of entertainment.
11.  There is no problem in the world that can't be solved by imagination.
12.  Most problems can be solved by snuggling with a favorite 
blankie and a cup of milk.
13.  Couch cushions were made for hut making.
14.  My big books make the best weights for holding down the
 sheets of the huts.
15.  Hot dogs, spaghettios and grilled cheese sandwiches 
are better than ribs, steaks and well thought out meals.
16. Wal-Mart should not be attempted while hungry or tired - and that goes for either the kids or the mom.
17.  Sitting down at night with three eager readers is an adventure.
18.  Bedtime is heavenly.
19.  Kids soccer games are actually exciting.
20.  There is not a better experience in the world.

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Harmony said...

Great post Tash--loved it! You should take long showers and share your thoughts more often.:-)