Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Story of my Life (so far)

My creative writing class is starting an autobiographical unit and I wanted to get them some writing prompts to realize it's not just telling a boring story about the day to day existence of a person.  I gave them this assignment, and decided that seeing one as an example would be fun and let them know a little more about me.  Since I wrote it, I thought "Why not post it?"  So here it is - enjoy (or even better write one yourself - 6-7 major events in your life and not necessarily in chronological order)

The Story of My Life (so far)

In 2000 the millennial anticipation and crazy theories about the end of the world subsided while the joy of a new family member disintegrated and prior hope was devastated.

March of ’01, ’03 and ’05 - happiness developed three times over, amid exhaustion and pain; vitality entered my mundane life as Will, Ellie and Catie.

In 1995 I planned my own surprise birthday party as a joke with a friend (a revelation never discovered by the guests), and was picked up by childhood friend in charge of my “surprise”. He gave me dolphin earrings. Four years later I wore his diamond ring.

In July 1999, after listening to well meaning (and recently divorced) neighbor tell me it was never too late for five months, I married my best friend of 12+ years in complete confidence and amid a torrential downpour of rain in St. George.

In 1996, my self-perspective flipped a 180, shock resonated when my goal of making $100 for playing the piano turned into being crowned Miss Iron County. All of a sudden I’m “the pageant girl”.

2001 – Graduation was finally met, after starting as a surgical nurse; I held a BA in English, my six-week-old son and five grand in debt.

In 2000, I discovered, through unparalleled praise, that the mind I had worked for and dreamed of grasping, I owned.


Harmony said...

Surgical nurse? Really?

Tasha said...

Yea - I had a learning internship offer for somewhere back east when I was in high school and started as a biology major but just did not enjoy the first biology classes I had to take so I switched