Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brain Ellie-ism

Ellie's new thing lately is telling me that she can or can't do something because her brain tells her so.  Here are a few examples.

When asking for another glass of milk, but me offering her water "Mom, my brain says I need to have two glasses of milk then I can have water."

On eating five more bites for dinner- "My brain says I can only eat three bites"

On bathtime "My brain says I'm already clean"

After being encouraged to take a nap to fight off her current cold "Mom, my brain says I'm not tired."

And so goes the joy with Ellie's brain at my house. :)


Harmony said...

Too cute! I have one who can come up with excuses for everything too...

Erin said...

Precious! My friend's little brother (when he was 5) would conclude everything with, "Or should I?"
Example - Parent: David, go brush your teeth!
David: Or should I?
Parent: It's time for bed.
David: Or is it?
Parent: Finish your milk and you can play outside.
David: Or will I?
The possibilities are endless either way! Gotta luv em!