Monday, April 14, 2008

Will's Birthday Post

Yea, this one is late too - in case you missed it, here is Ellie's birthday post.  But I finally broke down and brought my camera to school so that I can upload the pictures with a computer that doesn't freeze halfway through the process.

For Will's birthday, he wanted to go 
bowling.This is somethign that we have enjoyed as a family and usually go a couple of time a year. This year, Will tried it without the little ramp that is available for little kids, and figured that if he got a running start, he could get the ball going fast enough to have some success.  Pictures can't quite captivate how this looked, but with a little imagination, you may get the general idea.
Will has thus far been the most inventive with his cakes, and this year he wanted a spiderweb cake with his name in it but not in a way that was easy to see - he wanted people to be tricked by where his name was.  So I had one of my students who has amazing artistry skills sketch how she thought it would work and then I did my best to make it work in icing. 

Will's birthday was a success, full of him getting his desk that he has wanted for three years (yes, he just turned 7) and Legos.   

You can see in this picture that even at 17, my little brother still thinks Legos are worthwhile - I don' t think that is something boys ever out grow (and probably not many girls either) 


Daniel B. said...

Legos are a no-brainer gift to a star wars? Could you lose?

Seriously, though, will Legos ever go out of style? It's what I wanted when I was seven, too.

Harmony said...

What a fun party! The cake looks great, and the Legos look familiar. :-) See you guys in a couple days. Ryan is excited to play with Will.