Thursday, April 3, 2008

I love to laugh

I have had a long month, with three birthdays, Easter, end of the third quarter (with tons of grading), SEOP's, St. Patrick's day and I recently decided that now that the intense craziness had subsided, I needed to look at what I want out of life because I hate reacting to my life - I would rather be the one creating my life.  

As is the case when I get busy, my patience for the quirky and funny diminishes and I enter serious-land.  I hate this.  So today I was searching for a lovely jump back to the hilarious and a bit off and came across my favorite lady for this type of subject, the one and only Mary Ellen Edmunds. Every time I read her writing, I can't help but full out belly laugh out loud and I found just what I needed.  

"I heard that if you want or need to laugh and you don’t—if you suppress laughter—it goes to your hips and spreads out."

I figured that the stress of my life was keeping me from losing the weight I want to lose, and it is high time I just chill. I just found out yesterday that I get to teach Juniors next year (so excited) but that means that I have lots of work ahead of me in preparation and my kids want to play ball and have fun.  Basically, I'm just making sure that I keep my priorities in check and lighten up just a little - it's the only chance I have to live today, and if it goes bad, it would be better to laugh it off and move on to tomorrow.  

(if you are interested in the rest of the talk by Mary Ellen Edmunds, you can find it here)


Harmony said...

I love MEE too! I love the way she laughs at herself. She never fails to make me laugh and smile.

Erin said...

Yea! Another person to entertain me! My blog is:
Can't wait to read all of it!