Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eclipse and my Breaking Dawn theory

I was going to wait to read this until after I had finished all the books on my summer reading list, but after I woke up Sunday morning unable to move because my back was having a bad day, I decided that I deserved a treat. Enter Eclipse.

I don't know what it is about the way these stories are written but I don't find myself rolling my eyes at the language that's very teenish "you're the only one for me." I truly believe that the characters are feeling what they are feeling, I find myself annoyed at Jacob for trying to woo Bella, amazed at Edward for his patience in letting her really discover if she is really in love with him and really wants to commit to an eternity of thirst.

I loved the attention that was paid to the other vampires stories of turning, making even the lesser characters more appealing. I loved the action that was in this one, showing just how dangerous werewolfs and vampires could be in battle, taking it from the "yea, yea, vampires are bad" and "werewolfs are vicious in a fight" to really seeing what happens when these creatures unleash their full violent potential. Needless to say, I loved it too.

In just two weeks, I will get my pre-ordered Breaking Dawn. I just saw the poster in Walmart today and I know that the cover has something to do with the story. Here's my theory.

On the cover are two chess pieces - one a red pawn and one a white queen. I think that Edward will finally help Bella become a vampire, thus the red pawn - a newborn. Then, as has been mentioned in New Moon and Ecplise there are certain vampires who have control over other's minds that can't affect Bella. I think she has some ability that is going to allow her to become a sort of leader over vampires - hence the white queen - that will eliminate the threat of the Volturis to the Cullens and they will be able to live a semi-civilized existence. So there you go - my guesses. Only two weeks until I will be able to find out if I'm right. :)

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