Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun time in the summer

We had lots of fun this last month doing all sorts of things. First, we took one day to go to Grandma Decker's to play with our slip and slide in her backyard and ride bikes all over. When the kids needed a break, Grandma was amazingly just about to make some cookies, which Ellie and Catie love to help her do. With as often as they do this, it was shocking to me to find out that this was the first picture I had of them baking together.

Ellie and Will finished their tball and machine pitch seasons. All the parents of Ellie's team thought it would be fun to take everyone for dinner at the Pizza Factory afterwards. Here is the cutest picture of half of Ellie's team with their coach waiting for drinks.One of the greatest festivals we have in Cedar is the Groovefest, and while we didn't end up getting to listen to as many bands as we wanted to, we had a fun time playing with the kids while listening to some tunes during the day. Ellie and Will loved the idea of the obstacle course inflatable. Catie on the other hand would have been lost and/or stuck so she got her turn in a bouncy house that just happened to be her favorite color - purple. Gotta Love Summers!!!

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