Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I finished this book about a month ago, but just haven't had the time to write a review for a while.  There are several things - the first of which I was glad to see that Bella got married.  The story needed to move beyond the "I love you, you love me but we can never be together" story line.  

I have read many reviews that are annoyed with Bella's sexuality, but I question them being newlyweds and not interested in expressing their love physically.   Move on already. 

I thought it was a little strange with the baby, the pregnancy and the evolution of her relationship with Jacob.  I was glad that she made it through, thought that Edward being the one to help her was as it should be and even liked that he had the ingenuity to know what to do.  I thought her gift was cool to some extent, but really wanted to see her struggle through trying to control the struggles of being a newborn.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that Meyer cannot kill or even really hurt her characters.  It seems that the death of a loved one, or even loss of her parents due to her change into a vampire to truly have this be an epic story.  I have a hard time believing that her parents would just accept the fact that she suddenly looks different and not have a problem with it, but get freaked out by Jacob changing.  

All in all, I loved the book, thought it was fun to read, loved that Bella was willing to send her daughter away should she need too, but it was all a build up for a let down.  I felt that all the confrontations were highly anti-climatic, felt like I didn't get to see the fight that I have been wanting to see for four books now and thought all the training that they went through was pointless.  

Still total brain candy.  Still want to read The Host.  Still mad about the fact that she had her transcript leaked.  Will more than likely read more of what she writes.

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Janyece said...

Ooh! I disagree. I'm a sucker for a happy ending and I didn't find it anit climactic at all! I loved how she was able to tie everything up without a huge bloody conflict. I really enjoy her writing style and I was grateful I didn't have to read about the newborn stage because I already thought the book was a bit on the gory side. It was fun to read your thoughts on it!