Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That's My Brother!!!

For those of you who know me, you are aware of the fact that I'm a huge football fan.  I love it.  I yell at the refs on TV, get upset when the defense just can't seem to make a tackle, love the great last minute plays, Hail Mary's - the whole nine yards.  

This year my brother, Ryan, is a senior at CHS and starts for their varsity football team playing both defensive end and tight end.  He has had two amazing games.  He caught a touchdown in the first one, stretching out his body and pulling the ball in with one hand, having numerous tackles defensively.  Then, at the game last Friday he had two touchdowns, one from a fumble and the other from an offensive pass with over a dozen tackles.  

Now that in and of itself is pretty amazing, but I was more blown away by the quote he gave the local paper.  This is the moment when I just look at my little brother and I'm amazed at his humility and class.  He scored the touchdown, but didn't take the credit.  What a classy guy!

He also got the recognition by being the play of the day with a little video of his fumble returned for a touchdown for the local TV station here.

Then there was a little follow-up article today that covered how good he has been for the team so far.  While I'm THRILLED with his success on the field, I'm amazed at the class he has off the field.  I've never been prouder of a brother in my life.


Harmony said...

Okay, okay. I believe he's amazing! But it's easy to say you've never been prouder of a brother when you only have one brother. :-) Glad to hear he's doing so well.

Tasha said...

Yea, kindof the point. It goes right along with me having my favorite Will, favorite Ellie and favorite Catie. :)

Janyece said...

I never could follow football but I do admire those who are humble when they play. I'd be proud of him too!