Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meniscus, dead birds and jack kniving, oh my!

Saturday started out like any other day but Enoch had the chance to play in an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at SUU and we all went in to watch.  During the first game, he planted hard and popped out his knee.  According to the Physical Therapist who lives by our parents, who looked at his knee on his front lawn after church on Sunday, he probably tore some meniscus.  We should probably get him an MRI but at this point, he seems to be not hurting as much and it never really swelled up so, and since the economy is not at all stable, and discretionary income is something we are lacking to just throw into that test right now, I think he is just going to keep taking anti-inflammatories and wear a brace when necessary.  He poured concrete yesterday and said that he couldn't bend or straighten it out all the way, but that it didn't have pain, just stiffness with it.  

Then, as we were driving home from the tournament, we had a pigeon sized bird smack right into our windshield of our Yukon.  I don't think it did any damage, I'll need to wash it to see if there is anything else, but needless to say all that we saw behind us was a mess of feathers.  I am confident that bird didn't survive.  The thing that was strange about that was the bird didn't really look like it was trying to get out of the way.  It didn't change direction or try to fly faster or anything.  I think it was on a suicide mission.  Sometimes, when you aren't the early bird, it just doesn't seem worth it anymore I guess.

You would think at this point that we would have just called it a day, but Enoch had a trailer full of trash that really needed to go to the dump so we loaded the kids in the Yukon, threw on a movie and headed to the dump.  Enoch turned onto the freeway, so we could maybe avoid an all day dump run, but within a couple hundred yards of being on the freeway, we had a semi pass us.  We were only going 60 mph but it was enough to fill the trailer with air and make it start to fishtail.  Enoch tried to get the car under control, gently pushing the brakes but then we started to lose control of the car.  All that was left to do at this point was stop the chaos, so Enoch slammed on the brakes, our tires squealed and we ended up spinning 180 degrees before our car stalled.  Lucky for us, the cars behind us were paying attention and stopped before hitting us head on.  

Yes, we still went to the dump.  

No, not one car stopped to see if we were okay.  

No, I didn't scream (I'm not really a screaming type of person).

Yes, I completely held my breath and could hear my heart beat in my head.  

Yes, the new rule is that trailer does not go on the freeway EVER again.

Needless to say, it was a Saturday that we do not want to even come close to experiencing again.


Harmony said...

Too bad for the bird, but so glad you guys are okay. Can I offer my two cents about Enoch's knee? Do something about it. NOW. Before the knee (and the economy) get worse. I tore my miniscus playing volleyball at a stake sports day in Germany. I didn't want to mess with going to a doctor or having surgery over there, so I waited six months. What might have been a reparable tear to begin with turned into a shredded meniscus that had to be completely removed. Now I can't count on my knee for anything more than walking. It will never be the same. Get the MRI, and call me if you want to hear more!

Daniel B. said...

I concur with Harmony. I did almost the same thing to my knee, and it was just stiff, but now I can't ski any more. Get it looked at, and get it fixed ASAP.

Charlotte said...

Goodness! What a day! I had a bird commit suicide on my car once as well. It was kind of traumatic, but at least it wasn't accompanied by two other disasters too!

Hang in there.

Janyece said...

Wow! What a day doesn't seem to come close to describing it... I'm so glad you're all okay. Thank heaven!